The Mission

The mission of The National Association of Black Professional Counselors is: To provide an organization for African-American people to advocate for, and advance the mental health and well-being of African-American people, organizations, communities and the African diaspora through research, professional practice, education, advocacy, policy setting and reform. 

The Vision

NABC is a nationally recognized professional association (and supportive community) that enhances and encourages professional growth and endeavors in the field of counseling and mental health;  NABC also welcomes all that have concern and interest in the overall health and mental health affecting those of African ancestry in the United States (and abroad.) The vision of the National Association of Black Counselors is to ensure that all counselors possess the knowledge, attitude and skills to ensure that the mental health needs of the African-American community and the African diaspora are competently attended to and addressed for the individual and the collective.

The Objectives

  1. Provide education, training and professional development for aspiring professionals and current professionals in the field of counseling, who share concerns and interests of issues impacting African-American health and mental health.

  2. Enhance the health, mental health and well-being of African-American populations and the African diaspora. 

3.    Advocate for African American providers and educators in the counseling profession.

4.    Increase the number of licensed professional counselors of African descent.

5.   Act as guides and resources for paraprofessionals in counseling to maintain the highest standards of care, service, integrity, and professionalism.

6.   Increase the African-American presence in leadership in the field of counseling.

7.   Encourage professional relationships among professional counselors, educators, students and paraprofessionals who share similar concerns and interests about the African-American community and the African diaspora.


  • Networking opportunities

  • Discounted full-time student and residency membership

  • Discounted pricing for State, Regional, and National Conferences

  • Ability to purchase Professional Liability Insurance

  • Ability to purchase discounted memberships to sponsoring businesses

  • Presenter opportunities at the NABC Regional and National Annual Conferences

  • NABC Career Center

  • State, Regional and National leadership opportunities

  • Access to webinars and online training

  • Continuing education units

  • Scholarship opportunities for eligible student members

  • NABC Electronic Newsletter

  • Awards for recognition of individuals, regional, and national accomplishments

  • Website exposure for Regional and Division members

  • National Directory

  • Local Organized Meetups

  • Residency and Mentorship program

  • Divisions of Professional interest

  • Opportunities to publish scholarly research

  • Access to NABC Position Papers and Position Statements