Here are the leadership opportunity positions available as NABC takes its historic place. One thing is certain- NABC will not work without YOU!  The work of this organization has to be by us and for us.


Here are some things to know:

There are 156 potential leadership positions. -  We know this is a lot. However, the Board of Directors, and Executive Directors are very serious about meeting the needs of Black counselors and the community across this big country.  Black counselors are out there working hard and making a difference, we just need to become cohesive and pool our leadership, strengths, and talents!


As with the other professional organizations, these are volunteer positions. 

1.) The are 8 regions- each will need a regional director. Eventually, we will need a coordinator for every state and territory.

2.) There are currently 16 Divisions (with the possibility of more less depending on the wishes of the membership)

3.) We need 1 national leader for each Division (16 people).  

4.) We also need a regional leader for each Division ( 8 regions x 16 divisions=128 people potentially).

5.) The Executive Board consists of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer and leadership from other Divisions.


If you are interested in a position, please email us your resume and a cover letter expressing your leadership desires.


As always, call us if you have questions.  833-228-6222(NABC)